Transgenic one-man band from hell, Guitar Fucker comes from Big Trash City Blues, Switzerland. He's a fucking egocentric guy, unable of supporting other musicians. That's why he plays – alone and at the same time – kick drum, snare, hi-hat, cymbal, electric guitar (excessively amplified), blues harp and sings his own wild and raw compositions.

His sound-system is made of dirty saturations fighting against reverb effect. The result is a fucking dirty voodoo sound, absolutely terrifying, a melting-pot of primitive napalm blues, rock'n'roll, punk garage, sheap stoner rock and any other business like swallowings, groans, and primal screams.

Guitar Fucker makes bark the innocent crowds across the universe since the year 2000. He was on tour in Europe amongst others with Bob Logg III, Reverend Beat-Man, The Dead Brothers, Steve Westfield, DM Bob & Silke, Bebe & Serge, Sunday Ada, The Immortal Lee County Killers II and also played as opening act for Zen Guerilla, The Bellrays, King Khan and many others.

My conclusion is: "ladies and gentlemen: good luck! ...and don't fuck yourself!"

by Franck 'N ' Furter



pochette 2

punch me hard vol1

Maximum Napalm Blues

Punch me hard vol. 1


Don't Touch My Car  
Porn Flakes
Call Me Master





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