Augustin Rebetez

Haunted mutterings bouncing in the void. Some sounds that could be words are melting into weird scratches, imperceptible whistlintg, and unidentifiable noises. A nightmarish delirium of lunatics trapped for too long in a dilapidated asylum. Childhood monsters lurking in the woods. Jerking lexical sonorities becoming vague images instantly vaporized into subtle, naive layers of amplified objects and old electronic minimalist beats. Everything crawls and distorts and entangles and mutates. When the stuttering murmurs and the heavy improvised rap of multi-facet artist Augustin Rebetez meet the analogical machines of Adil Coralic it generates unnamed mental illness and unborn scarecrows. We find ourselves in the hazy limbos before falling asleep, when thoughts are getting slowly swallowed by the dark infinity of subcounsciousness. Insolent rib cage rap / Art brut is brut music / Sorrow exteriorizers



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