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Dee Diglers

A maniac, unstopable tumble-dryer on its fastest position. A noisy, powerful highly efficient garbage disposal grinding any structured material. A worrying combine harvester shreding the fields of uncounsciousness. A demented particle accelerator runned by polyphrenic scientists. Dee Diglers is the sound just before or just after the Big Bang. The accumulated energy by bodies on stage and in the audience during a Dee Diglers show could easily provoke a nuclear explosion. Condensation dripping from the ceiling on soggy organisms, massive sound attack on shaking, wet walls, rivers of spilled cheap german beer on the dirty floor. The oily rock n roll of Dee Diglers was a self annihilating live experience. I and the other could go to hell for a little while. Fear, desire, dream, shame or vice didn’t exist anymore as long as they were distilling their scalding music on stage. The Diglers brothers started touring almost at the same time as the band formed in 2009. Dave Digler and Sam Digler on guitars, Bab Digler on the drums and Dany Digler singing. The band was joined by Léon Jodry on bass the year later. Tireless, incandescant, brutally joyful and joyfully brutal, Dee Diglers played all over Europe’s weirdest, funniest, darkest rock garages. Nothing could stop them touring. Not even a viciously crooked mechanic who hold their car as hostage on a wrong road

Jello Biafra’s evil twin / Lunatics on wheels / Black Magic Matches Scratchers

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