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The Procrastinators 02 - Burning Sound R

The Procrastinators

All we need is now and we are still wondering how long it lasts… Today is yesterday’s tomorrow… Time is adjustable… The future is a reversed version of the past separated by the eternity of the moment… Music is an undulating, invisible net holding together these perceptions of real fragmented by time… The Procrastinators never postpone their need to play music…  Music is not a job, not a task, not a bill to pay… Music is not for tomorrow… Music was not for yesterday… Music is an energy feeding The Procrastinators’ idea of now… In their freaky garage, Paola, Paolo and Lorenzo are cooking for us an amazing spaceship pizza rock… It's not about new recipe… It’s not about old traditions… It’s just about sharing tasty slices of reality’s meal… In The Procrastinators’ freaky garage, rock is now, rock is here and rock could be there too…

Animal Zoo Garage Worshippers / Now means Now / Balsamic Breakfast Blast

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