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The Staches

Rich people have poor soul. Geneva is an ambivalent monster. Contrasts live together in a small space. Staggering punks and maniac artists are evolving in the shade of banks and jewellery shops. Cooperative areas are developping themselves in between two official world organization buildings. In Geneva, God and Satan share the same restaurant table. They even have the same cocaïne dealer. But it was better before ! The city had several squats. The city had its little island of freedom in the paradise of money and lies. Within this procession of rich, arrogant, famous people, Geneva kept a certain idea of resistance. The Staches are part of it with their garage rock high in vitamin. The Staches are antiscorbutic. The Staches are a fix of vitamin c in your tired veins. The Staches are fresh and bitter like grapefruit juice. The Staches keep Geneva’s body alive, inseminate energy in its inner cells, avoid its mutation into a rotting corpse.

Satan’s oranges juice / Bitter sweet poverty / First we take Geneva



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cadre youtube site bs blanc.jpg
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