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The Old Ladies Bags

The charming hilly swiss Jura scenery. The specials colors of its dense, well preserved forests where conifers and broad-leaved trees cohabit peacefully. Some strong, fit and muscular horses running around in tall grass pastures. Quiet cows are being milked with benevolence in a typical farm from the area. A countryside full of smells and traditions where life peacefully passes by. But the huge amount of alcohol that is drank here alterates reality’s appearence to make it look like a Van Gogh field at dusk. Hidden secrets and nasty animals crawl out when obscurity extends its reign. Ferocous, nimble lynxs are devouring some freshly killed inoccent preys. Mad horses are whinnying in the full moon. The loud and heavy repetitive mantras of a stoner band can be heard. The Old Ladies Bags were sick of the postcard-shaped landscape surrounding them. They decided to push across boundaries of reason with their uneasy stoner rock in which classic riff are mixing up with unpleasant images. Jura is the are of bonesetters and sorcerers. The Old Ladies Bags are casting slow, pachydermic spells to their listeners, bringing witchcraft back at the crack of doom. 

Dammassine Wizards / Dark Sabbath / Swans of the hazed age

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