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Spasms. Convulsions. Jerks. Fragmented memory. Sequenced images. Tribal sonatas of our troubled times. Rythmical constructions becoming melodies. Wicked remnants of some incomprehensible eliptical superimposed loops of sound. Tenko and Steven Doutaz share with Dedelalay a skilfully and cleverly built sonic madness mixed with a contagious pleasure to play music. Tenko and Steven are the funky, freaky, funny delay flowers lovers. Like a natural answer of some uncertain times. They imagine together their future of sound : synthetic, mechanical, fleshless, symbiotic but sweating life from every pore… of the bodies they’re escaping out… a dance – at night – under exploding neons… their sound is a ballet, Tenko and Steven are walzing around the flashing lights of reality… A synchronized swimming recital in Euterpe’s pool…  
Psychic youth / Sonic TV / Mathematical wave



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