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Julie Rocks U

Julie Rocks U is a distorting mirror modifying the perceptions of time. This EP came out in 2006. Back in the days this unique meowing, raging, sensitive voice was unfamiliar. Back in the days this bass and guitar bouncing dialogues echoing with some subtle and ardent drumming were unknown. Back in the days this musical energy was a new storm lacerating our skies. Julie Rock U is the anagram of Louis Jucker. Listening to this wild debauchery of sound gives a pretty good idea of what was about to follow. The urge to destroy a structured idea of music. Louis Jucker was a teenager and Julie Rocks U had the fresh uncounsciousness of youth on their side, but from his solo work to Coilguns, from Autisti to Televator or KUNZ, all the works he developed since then have their roots in this soil. With Pascal Lopinat on the drum and Bertrand Vorpe on the guitar, Julie Rocks U was a burning, loud comet in the realm of sound. An unnamed wind blowing at various speed. Unsual, elliptical sea currents swallowing mainstream’s cargos in the depths of its entrails. Julie Rocks U were landscape architects contruscting the post sound of now.

Facteur Cheval’s stomp / More songs about building and soul / Handmade industrial music

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