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City Hunter

A fast ride in a trashy old loved car. A summer night outside of a boring town. Shy stars shining behind dark grey clouds. Threatening shadows passing by. Rock n roll lunatic beasts fed with cheap alcohol screaming in the wild. Repetitive frenzy. Tireless energy. They accelerate the roaring machine. It’s the last mutation of occidental societies. Rouen is burning. The city’s souls is hunted by bloodthirsty infamous satanic dirty punks. They want sex and dope and they want it now ! They want the world to collapse and they doing their best to help its fall. City Hunter is not original, but it’s a neverending pleasure. City Hunter get satisfaction. City Hunter give satisfactions and pleasures. Like our favorite beer. Like a loved sex friend. Exile on the dead end street / Adrenaline addicts / Drink and drive

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