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Big ass fat mama twin basses. Overweighted, oily drum kicks. From this thick, plumby sonic magma emanate raging voices haunting this dark deep agitated musical ocean. Hypnotic mathematical repetitive screeching heavy noises mutate into a massive building crushing machine. Before houses collapse amplifiers get destroyed by the continuously tempestuous basses, ceilings start to crack before crumbling under this restless drum-bombing assault. Deeplow was an ephemeral, mechanical stoner fist in the face of reality’s ugliness. HB started to play bass because he loved the way this old punk named Roma was playing. HB loved Welington Irish Black Warior more than anyone. With Deeplow he united Roma, his favorite bass player and with Steven Doutaz, his favorite drummer, to record a tough but not mindless album. Heavy Black Bass makes the brain become a digestive machine. Heavy Black Bass makes your guts become a power thinking station. Deeplow is an old, brutal, mechanical warplane bombing planet noise.

Mother of all bass / Surgical sound strike /High on low

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