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Sand divers flying in a grey sky. Instrumental butchery. Maniac scientologists selling ugly books on Saturday morning’s market. Lost lovers and fresh awakening. The desert we are crossing through is filled with oasis and pinnacles, with dunes and weird sculptured rocks. The desert seems to be motionless, but it’s a universe in a permanent state of mutation. The winds moves the dunes and digs the stones, the sun dries and burns everything. Perceptions get blurry, where does the horizon end ? Ksaa open wide spaces in their music but their universe is in constant change. From the infinite extent of a desertic landscape to the entrapment in a polluted, frantic occidental city, we cross different moods and sceneries while listening to Ksaa. With a last century nostalgia they seek with us the horizon we’ve lost.

Seattle in Arizona / Smells like spleen spirit / Pearl club Alice’s gun jam

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