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Welington Irish Black Warrior

Playing brut music… until fingers bleed a little… it all started by a drunken talk at 3 in the morning… None of them really knew how to play music, but they bought instruments and turned the amplifiers to their maximum… As they had a rudimentary knowledge of their instruments, they went at them fiercely and unrelentingly. It produced miraculously the intense sound of a plane takeoff. They had the freshness of beginners on their side, an instantaneous collective feeling and a pretty big stack of fury to evacuate… a particular energy will emanate from this atomic cloud of wild decibels… it’s loud, chaotic and devastating, but it’s not noise anymore… it’s something else… music is releasing the brut animality of our origin, anhilating at the same time the reason that took us away from the beasts we were. Brynjar Thorsson’s voice eludes the sensible area, forces eardrums to discover a very new and very anciant sonic landscape. Léon Jodry’s extreme bass and Steven Doutaz’s energized drumming is a strong and highly skilled rythmic section. Bestial intensity. Dualistic instinct. Welington Irish Black Warrior is not a band anymore but their records are an eternal blast. 

Best Band in the world ! /  Bleedings fingers / Icelandic psycho-genius

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