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The Blues Against Youth

Life is cool on the road. Changing scenery passing by through the dusty windows of Gianni’s old loved bus that went up and down Europe so many times. The second album of Led Zeppelin is played loud on the sono, The Blues Against Youth man screams and uses his streering wheel as a percussion instrument. There are only a few kilmometers remaining before he reaches La Chaux-de-Fonds… one ugly tunnel, a bad tasty art roundabout and then he gets to Bab’s new place named La Machine à Trucs… He can’t wait to present his new savagely extravagant set here before he’ll play it there… Life is cool on the road. The Blues Against Youth is an incandescent live one man band act. Like Robert Johnson before him he sold his soul to the devil to spread over hallucinated crowds the divine and diabolical power of blues n roll. Preaching up groovy speeches soaked by voodoo magic incantations, The Blues Against Youth is a journey in an abstract era where demons were gods.

Stomp for Life / Magic Dream Mojo Addict /Hoochie Coochie Devilish Weirdo

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