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Metzger & Bauer

The party was too long. This wedding finally turned wrong. An ugly, rainy morning is dripping along on the staggering, remaining bodies. Those who crossed the night with tremendous despair, infamous madness, terrible joy. Still yelling in the fields, seeking demons in between dried out trees. Ticky-tacky black magic on a foggy, wetty dawn. Remnants of a wasted time shining through this beautiful late summer morning light. Where did the birds hide ? Where they too high ? Spleen is a good old buddy with Metzger und Bauer, a wise friend thinking deeply before speaking. Slowness is a necessary answer to the infinite insanity of this world. Metzger und Bauer are taking their time to compose their album and to build their songs… subtle, melancholic layers of sensitive sonic feelings with weird poetic vocals in french or english surfing over… sensual beautiful sadness sparking in the dark… Soil’s rhythmic soul / Post world music / Dusty dreams

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cadre youtube site bs blanc.jpg
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cadre youtube site bs blanc.jpg
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