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Love Cans

The smell of sweat and alcohol crawls in between entangled bodies. A smoke filled little venue. Raw energy. On a small dimly lit stage, a furious power trio is playing. Coal mine workers who escaped out of their cave ? Haunting ghosts from a lost era ? Prisoners on a neverending, loud runaway ? Health system workers who stole the medicine stock of the last asylum they worked in ? Love Cans is a kind of joyful battle to get freedom back. The world is fucked, let’s dance as it is tatooed on the singer’s back ! Love Cans are vagabonds of rock n roll spreading wildly energized voodoo vibes filled by sexy beats. Listening to Love Cans feels like jumping in a mad train. Each of their song is like a ride on a mad scientist’s new rollercoaster… Bab’s raging guitar and dirty sound, Meryl’s high-paced drums added with vitamins, Dany Digler’s heavy keyboard and blasting vocals… Love Cans is the Nietzschean myth of eternal recurrence embodied in a fresh beautiful beer… it’s always 3 in the morning in the midst of permanant vacation on a rock n roll paradisiacal island.

Big eyes, broken glasses, hallucinated retinas /Dancing freaks / Beyond rock is roll



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