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The noise of here is the void of now. The voice we hear has the shape of a crow. The choices we face are a constant blow. The path we seek through the tentacles of real is narrowing the little, empty way we try to feel… something… is eating the slippery, gloomy way we attempt to feel… nothing… is crushing the sweaty, angry way we imagine to sabotage… everything ! We are the post-generation sorcerer’s apprentices worshiping ancient trances, celebrating godless sacrifices over the crumbling pyramids of our civilzation’s gutters, mumbling unknow, vehement, cabalistic imprecations in the face of nothingness… Primitive Rap and Dirty Shamanic Sabotage from Swiss Jura is a desperate, enraged and sensitive ante-post-pandemic manifesto by Gängstgäng where bodies are construction sites, where lazy workers of emptiness are breathing filthy dust into their lungs, where dreams become dark candy fading away in a dirty sensitive twister. Augustin Rebetez and Pascal Lopinat are cosmogonic collapsologists searching and achieving to destroy this stupidly structured society surrounding us with sounds and images, with poetry and soul, with guts and anger. They’re blasting down this world they’ve known… scratchy, heavy post-industrial drumming… wicked beats and bitter words waking up the orginial beasts trapped under the volcanos… Future is an undiscovered fossile… The void of here is the sound of now ! 

Apocalypse How ? / Bleach ritual rap / Entropy Now 



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  • Bandcamp - Black Circle
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