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The Red County

A giant aquarium dedicated to tropical fishes from the Indian Ocean right in the middle of Kansas. Who the hell had this idea ? Most people here never heard about the existence of a world outside of their state. They surely know about fried chicken wings festivals but what about clown loaches, copperband butterflyfishes, golden angelfishes ? Daytime can be long for fishes in this Midwest corn paradise disaster. But every night turns into an underwater Woodstock. The night watchman is a huge pothead and smokes bong while watching wildlife documentaries. He’s a cool dude and the fishes like him as long as they can rock the shit out of the aquarium. Three golden angelfishes named by the others Red 1, Red 2 and Red W play some mad subaquatic weirdo hybrid coral beat rock. Charlie Parker was born here and his smoky soul comes around as soon as the sun came down for an immersed dance with the fishes. A free jazzy, lazy, rock n roll samba boiling the aquarium’s water… starfishes get lascivious, seashells are twisting around, crabs are clapping… The Red County are not real fish and they don’t really live in Kansas, but they love submarines… Yellow DEVOtion / Captain corn pop heart / Farmers from Atlantis

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