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On their stairway to pluto, Rimo and Jeki are painting wildly oscillating rainbowy traces in the infinite weightlessness. They float around. Always together. In many directions. They love the beat of life. They live for the beat of love. Flying keyboards and heart shaped sunglasses. Shooting stars in human shape. The cosmos is a heroic retro-future funky theater. Rimoch and Jeki are together in life and on stage, in space and on earth, here or there. Exploring the possibilities of real human knowledges in the era of artificially minded robots. Creating some palpable meta-space in the time of reality’s abstraction. From the Israelian indie music scene they grew in, to the European theaters and clubs they blast now, Rimojeki share around their body (new)-movin’ experience. Music creates real movements. Music is an awakening for authentical minds.

Candy Crash on the Rainbow Brick Road / Jurassic Space Oddity Park / Hitchhiker’s guide to love

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