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The Son Of Dog

It is the story of a snowflake dancing with the desert sand…without touching the soil… without melting… always floating. Crossing the dunes, smelling some rosemary, olive and artichoke perfumes where human societies first gathered. The sand is another kind of snow or the other way around. From far it looks the same with a different color. From close it feels the same with a different temperature. Both are an accumulation of lightness. They are holistic concept. A big everything made from billions of particles… It is a story of a grain of sand on a wooden cross-country ski… experimenting a different kind of smooth softness in the windy, silent mountains… It's not my home but it’s a pleasure to feel like it… The Son of Dog is a snowflake in the desert… The Son of Dog is some warm sand in the cold snow… His music proposes slow, wide, timeless, spaceful, dreamy sounds opening our souls to emotional landscapes… his beautiful voice filled with flowered smells drive our bodies in some unknown sandy mountains, in some gorgeous snowy deserts… The Son of Dog knows what Precious means…

Freedom Prison Blues / Berberian Buddha Gospel / Cross-country roll ski bop

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