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The Watchmaking Metropolis Orchestra

Some trashy, gypsy, bluesy, lazy, hazy little sounds floating in the invisible. A brass band out of the chaos. The weirdest orchestra in the world. La Chaux-de-Fonds is an open air lunatic asylum. Watch factories and american style urban organization of the city generated a frantic urge to twist reality’s neck. Since 20 years, The Watchmaking Metropolis Orchestra is an evolving collective of mad music lovers sharing their fun of the action. Loly is the boss, singing and playing guitar. He’s surrounded by one drummer, one bass player and nine brass blowers and swallowers. The result is a frantic debauchery of pleasure. Pleasure to play. Pleasure to share. Pleasure to listen. Time of great libations for the ears, for the heart, for bodies coagulating in one powerful energy. An unorganised ballet of extasies. Happy clutter is fun. Holy mess is action. Exuberant tuba / Beer mama feast / Trashy groove fetishists

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