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Hallelujah Mother Helpers


Floating in a gazeous colored space where bodies are unarticulated extensions of time. Sounds are bouncing atoms in the gigantic molecule of the void. A wild orgy in weightlessness. Lustful pangolins with shiny purple leather scales are licking intensely the wide open assholes of huge bats. Redefining the invisble to come. Infinity is an exotic fruit plate full of tastes and smells. A collective hallucination. One thousands drawings by insane kids. Until the warm roaring of Bab’s saxophone brings us to the slow moving psychadelic train we could be in. Nothing is clear. Steffi’s teremine sounds n instrument, Remy’s hypnotic drums and Alain’s weird singing and guitar effects and vocals bring us along in their cosmic journey to neverland. Melodica, harmonica, keyboard, maracas… it’s an avalanche of noises, layers of smoky melodies, repetitive illuminations, chamanic mantras echoing through this rainbowy interpreation of real.  Lascivious – Sensuous – Divinities / Outter space symphony / Retrofuture soundtrack

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cadre youtube site bs blanc.jpg
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