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The Exciters

Rock n roll is sexual ! Rock n roll give us fever ! Rock n roll is an answer to oblivion ! In this over-complicated world, within this overcast reality surrounding us, we need to layback, to feel momentary satisfactions, to give words and thoughts a break. The Exciters are a body-shacking machine, a stamping one’s feet train, an ass-shivering engine… Lips get unsealed, wide open mouthes with wet tongues hanging scream their lungs out, heartbeats are pacing up, brains are liberating rivers of dopamine… The Exiters play simple, honnest, unpretentious, party music. Their songs celebrate the love of life and the life of love. It’s only rock n roll… and we like it…
Sweaty Clutch / Escapism urge / Foxy fox trot lady music

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