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Guitar Fucker

A used soldier helmet fixed upon an insane moving head coming straight out of a pulp comic book. A big FUCK is handwriten on the helmet, a drumstick is taped on its top. The frantic character wearing this atypical rig-out smashes his metal head on a cymbal, kicking madly on a bass drum and playing his Maximum Napalm Blues wildly. He could be a character in a Bukowski’s text, a Robert Crumb drawing or a Gilbert Shelton’s comic strip. An animated film, a fictionary individual. It’s going fast as hell in Guitar Fucker’s wicked, beautifully vilainous songs. A filthy guitar sound coming out of a flaming amplifier, screaming harmonica, raging simple heavy beat drums, a schrieking salacious voice, and this crazy head knocking a falling cymbal. Some Techno trash greasy bluesy american lost landscapes where Nazi clowns eat porn flakes in bed with Mickey Mouse before sinking in Peter Pan’s toilets… Society is a collective hallucination. The world is lost. Guitar Fucker will be playing until the appocalypse and he’ll turn the volume up to wake up the zombified citizen of this scorching civilization.

Hippie funk punk off / Animated mexican zombie eater / Dirty animal go-go dance


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