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Dimanche 27 nov The Cherry Pies (ITA) + Irtumbranda (ITA) @ Le LAC

CONCERT!!! Cherry Pies + Irtumbranda 20h portes 20.30h 1er concert Bar et entrée prix libre Ce Dimanche 27 Novembre au LAC à La Chaux-de-Fonds , nouveau groupe de stefano le chanteur des Movie Star Junkies :

The Cherry Pies + le projet solo de Luciano de Appaloosa : Irtumbranda !!! Portes 20h!!!

CHERRY PIES "I've seen flowers growing in the snow", so goes Cherry Pies dreamy ballad on their debut album. Cherry Pies is a bitter sweet duo born in Torino Italy, during the lockdown of April 2020. It features Veronica Zucca on vocals piano and an old Casiotone 301 organ, and Stefano Isaia (Movie Star Junkies) on guitars and backing vocals. All songs were written and recorded at home ,with an old broken Mac and later mastered in Berlin at Big Snuff Sudio, by Movie Star Junkies former bass player Emanuele Baratto.The opening track "What have I got" is a lo-fi fuzzy ride in the vein of Paisley Underground bands and 90's garage punk, but The Cherry Pies romanticism is also filled with country, landscapes, and a sense of birth and death, as in the song "Behind the trees" that features Claudio Zucca (The Rippers) on guitar. The Cherry Pies will tour europe next fall, with a full line up that features Riccardo Salvini and Nicola Lotta from Love Trap on bass and drums.

IRTUMBRANDA Irtumbranda est le projet solo du multi-instrumentiste italien Luciano Turella, également membre de groupes comme Tout Bleu ou Appaloosa. Son premier album éponyme est une course sonore effrénée dans laquelle se mélangent violon électrique, musique club, boucles infinies, synthétiseur grésillant, beats hoquetants, mélodies de musiques traditionnelles et attitude pop.

Boulevard des Eplatures 66 La Chaux-de-Fonds Accès : - Gare du Crêt du Locle à 10 minutes à pieds - Bus N° 302 , N°304 et N° 360 - Voiture, parking de l'aéroport des Éplatures Voir moins

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