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GIBBERISH - Best Stuck on Radio 3 Fach


von Aurelia Rea Don't be fooled by the simple beginning, with the light beat and the clearly articulated rap. At the latest when the rocking bass puts on its performance, the mix begins. A seasoning of genre influences. The beats and percussion elements are slightly shifted, resulting in a trashy effect. Exactly this loose touch makes Gibberish all the more exciting to listen to. The entire Awkward Thumbs EP is four tracks. It addresses topics such as power relations, social inequality, solidarity and freedom of expression. With the track Gibberish it is noticeable how the lyrics are often repeated and continue at a fast pace. Almost as if there was a crack in the record. But it is precisely this craft that should be learned. Tight and clear pulls the lyrics over your ears, without a break and without a breath.

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